Eric Gill

Typography in Context

InDesign 2020

Eric Gill, born as Arthur Eric Rowton Gill on February 22, 1882 in Steyning, Sussex, was a renowned artist and typographer of the twentieth century. 

In 1927, Gill designed and developed the humanist sans serif typeface, Gill Sans. This typeface, which was often referred to as the ʻHelvetica of England,’ was heavily influenced by the work of Gill’s mentor, Edward Johnston’s iconic typeface, Johnston Sans, which was designed for the signage of the London Underground Railways in 1913.

In this project, I was tasked to design and produce two broadsides that presented designer, Eric Gill, and examples of the major typeface, Gill Sans, that he designed within the context of the period in which he lived. The posters are solely typographic with a research essay serving as the main text and specimen of Gill Sans composed in an interesting manner to create contrast between the positive and negative grounds.

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