Joelle Image's Portfolio


reimagined currency 

Photoshop, Illustrator [2021]

Tasked to reimagine currency of any place in the world and recreate it, imagining that place with a different history, I chose to reimagine the currency of California with an imagined history that it is its own country and the capital was moved to San Francisco. 

The fifty dollar bill focused on the Golden Gate Bridge. The gold color symbolizes the golden nuggets that were found in the California Gold Rush in 1849. The bridge is displayed on the front side of the bill in front of the city of San Francisco along with a map of the city’s topography. The back of the fifty dollar bill shows the blueprint of the bridge and two people building it.

The other bill, the twenty dollar bill, is about the cable car you would see in San Francisco. The blue color of this bill symbolizes the color of the sky and the sea that you would often see in California. I designed money for the first time. This bill focuses on the cable car of Vanness and Market Street in front of a different picture of the city of San Francisco and its map. On the back of this bill, there is a picture of people building the tracks in the road for the cable car and the blueprint of the cable car. Both of the bills display two things that San Francisco is known for.